Lucie Blue Tremblay



How does she whistle like that?  


above photo: Isabel Zimmer

photo right: Danielle Pesant

Maggie & Shanti Musique Inc. Canada

1007 Ave. Suzanne, Laval, Quebec.


Maggie & Shanti Musique Inc. Canada

1007 Ave. Suzanne, Laval, Quebec.

About Lucie


Lucie Blue Tremblay has been writing, recording and performing since 1982.  She's performed in Canada, France, the US, Spain, Australia and New Zealand, at various folk venues and festivals.


Her name has been whispered through the cracks in the music business since her first television appearance in 1984.  Since then she has shared the stage with such prominent names as Randy Newman, James Taylor, Jane Siberry, Pete Seeger, Judi Richards, Sarah McLachlan, Cris Williamson and Meg Christian to name a few.

Her whistle became a trademark and her concerts a personal experience.  Though her CD sales through the years have surpassed any independent's dreams, Lucie Blue remains one of Canada’s best-kept secrets.  She is one of Canada’s beautiful voices and songwriters.  Her music goes straight to the heart of her listeners.  Her universal theme is love.  Her global message is honor, strength, laughter, thought, peace and love. 


From 2005 to 2011 Lucie Blue and her partner were dedicated to a breast cancer education project.  It was a non-stop commitment that took them over 92,000 miles across the US and Canada.  Thanks to the overwhelming support and generosity of her fans throughout these tours, the outcome of these efforts was a music video called "The Breast Exam Project".


2012-2014 were tumultuous years. Lucie Blue took personal time off. In addition to family time and going to trucking school (yes trucking school) she was granted residency in the US. It was during this time that Lucie Blue was graced with a wonderful opportunity to work for an all-inclusive care program for the elderly.

Now, Lucie Blue is returning to the stage with more passion than ever before.


About the music


Her first three CD's were first   with Olivia Records. Since then, Lucie Blue has joined her long time music partner and producer Daniel Loyer and formed their own music record company Maggie & Shanti Musique  Inc.  

The first three original CD's

"Lucie Blue Tremblay", "Tendresse" and "Transformations" were re-issued on this new label. 

 The CD's that followed were, "I'm Ready", "Because of You", "Cells of Love" and "It's Got to Be About Love".

NEW Release

Available NOW!

This compilation CD is available for order from this web site as well as

on CD

We are working diligently to raise funds for "Counting My Blessings".

In addition to this compilation CD, we also have a Go Fund Me page if you would like to help raise funds for the new music.




Thanks you so much for all your love and support through the years.

On this 30th Anniversary year, I hope to come play in your town.


Always about love,

Lucie Blue