The Breast Exam Project   

The Breast Exam Project

5 years and over 92,000 miles later,The Breast Exam Project is now completed.  This project was an endeavour created to raise awareness and promote breast health.  Our efforts resulted in a music video in DVD format called "Changes".  The words and music by Lucie Blue. This is a one of a kind DVD, and we truly hope it will serve as a teaching tool.  After viewing this 6 minute long DVD one can only come away from this experience more empowered, with the knowledge of one of many techiniques used in performing a self breast exam. With the rhythm of the music, the visuals and Lucie Blue's voice directing the viewer every step of the way, this DVD is effective and brilliant.

Now you can do your self breast exam accompanied with your phone.

Thank you so much Dana Sullivan for all your technical expertise.

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Please note that the web site associated does not exist anymore. 

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Videographer on the project and friend Nan Macy on tour with us at the Relay for Life in Burlington, Vermont.

The project goes to Los Angeles, CA thanks to Women On A Roll